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All the necessary documentation is seamlessly and efficiently taken care of, from the point of origin to the destination. Linco-Freight makes this process virtually problem-free with XALCARGO, a program that processes entries quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Linco-Freight is fully licensed with its own standards of service, offering you:

· Electronic connection to local customs authorities
· Pre-clearance – clearance at port of entry prior to shipment arrival
· Clearance documentation
· Tariff classification
· Duty and tax determination
· Complete door-to-door services
· Open Sundays to ensure Monday morning clearance and delivery
· We can handle and/or assist you with:

Carrier Documentation

· Airway bills
· Ocean bills of lading
· Trucker waybills

Government Documentation

· Export declarations
· Commercial invoices
· Pro-forma invoices
· Consular invoices and legalisation
· Certificates of origin
· Carnets
· Certificates of insurance
· Special documents required by individual countries

Banking Documents/Collection

· Letters of Credit
· Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.’s)


· Single entry shipment
· Shipments arriving on a continuous basis

Kirstinehøj 8 / Copenhagen Airport
Post Office Box 134
DK-2770 Kastrup, Denmark

Tel: 0045 32 50 33 55
Fax: 0045 32 50 96 00